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Simon Wolf asked:

Rashbam 170a D"H Tav'ei L'dina -- I'm assuming the Rashbam has a different Girsa in the Gemara that included this phrase in the story of Rav Itzhak Bar Yosef and Rabbi Ava, but why is Rabbi Chiya relevant to this Gemara. Gmar Chatima Tova. Simon.

Simon Wolf, Westport, CT

The Kollel replies:

According to the RASHASH, the RASHBAM was Gores in the Gemara Rebbi Chiya bar Yosef instead of Rebbi Yitzchak bar Yosef. However, this has no support in the manuscripts. There is, though, an old print of the Gemara which has the words "Rebbi Yitzchak" in the Rashbam (instead of Rebbi Chiya), and this seems to be more correct than our Girsa in the Rashbam.

Mordecai Kornfeld