BAVA BASRA 164 - A week of learning has been dedicated towards meriting a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Eliezer Lipa ben Yetta, by Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeld of Yerushalayim.

1) PROOF FROM THE DOCUMENT ITSELF (Yerushalmi Halachah 1 Daf 31a)

שטר נפק ר' חונה לר' שמי אוגרוי מחיק קונטא לא מחיק.

(a) R. Chuna once brought out a document against R. Simi. The total at the end of the document was erased, but all of the other details were not.

א"ר חונה לר' שמי פוק חמי עד ההן אהן קונטא משמש נפק ומר עם טרייא קונטא

(b) R. Chuna to R. Simi: Go and use the details of the document to calculate the amount you owe me. He did so and said that according to the details, the debt is less than the total (that was partially visible).

מי נפק אמר הדא מיבעי מיתגרה תלת אפסדת עשר.

(c) After R. Simi left, R. Chuna realized that he had made a mistake. He said, "He was supposed to make a profit of three, but he actually lost ten, so I must return him some money."

השיב ר' לקיים דברי ר' חנניה בן גמליאל

(d) (In the Mishnah, see above dapim 159-161, the Tana Kama and R. Chananya ben Gamliel disagreed as to whether a get mekushar upon which the witnesses signed inside is valid.) Rebbi responded with a Beraisa to support the words of R. Chananya ben Gamliel (that it is valid)...

גופו של גט מוכיח עליו אם פשוט הוא אם אינו פשוט.

1. Beraisa: The document itself proves whether it is a get pashut or not.

מהו גופו של גט

(e) Question: What about the document proves it?

א"ר בא מדמר הונא לעולם אין העדים חותמין מלמטה עד שיקראו בו מלמעלן אני פלוני בן פלוני מקובל אני עלי כל מה שכתוב למעלן.

(f) Answer (R. Ba): From that which Rav Huna said - the witnesses should only sign after they have read the document from the top and they then write, "I, ploni son of ploni, accept all that is written above". Since this wording of "I accept" is only written in a get mekushar but not in a get pashut, if it would be written in a get pashut, it would be clear that it is actually a get mekushar.

והתני טופס שטרות כן הוא

(g) Question (Beraisa): "The standard draft of documents is...(and the witnesses write 'I accept...')" (this implies that it is written for all documents, even in a get pashut)?

א"ר מני טופס שטרות מקושרות כן הוא.

(h) Answer (R. Mani): It should say "the standard draft of all mekushar documents is...".

א"ר אבין ואפילו תימר הוא פשוט הוא מקושר (בפשוט)[דבמקושר] מעכב (במקושר)[בפשוט] אינו מעכב.

(i) Rebuttal (R. Avin): The Beraisa that Rebbi brought to support R. Chananya ben Gamliel (above (d) 1.) is not a support, as one could explain it as saying that the text of "I accept" etc. should be written in both a get pashut and a get mekushar, but only for a get pashut if it was omitted it is invalid, but for a get mekushar, it would still be valid even if it was omitted. (Note: This entry is corrected according to the text of the Ramban.)

ר' יודה אומר במוסיף על ההלכה פשוט בשנים מקושר בשלשה והן עושין אותו בשלשה פשוט מתוכו מקושר מאחריו והן עושין אותו מתוכו ומאחריו

(j) Support for R. Avin (R. Yehudah): Sometimes a person might improve a document beyond the basic requirements of the Halachah - for example, a get pashut must have two witnesses and a get mekushar must have three, but people often have three sign even on a get pashut. Similarly, in a get pashut the witnesses must sign inside and in a get mekushar they must sign outside, but people often have witnesses sign a get pashut both inside and out.