1) PROOF THAT HE WAS DEATHLY ILL (Yerushalmi Halachah 6 Daf 29b)

שמואל אמר חילופין היא מתניתא מהו חילופין היא מתניתא

(a) Shmuel: There is a disagreement in understanding the Mishnah (above daf 147 (c)). What is the disagreement?

חברייא רברבייא אמרי עדים

(b) The senior Chevraya members: (When the Mishnah said that a deathly ill person had given away his possessions without writing on the document that he was deathly ill, the Chachamim said that if he recuperates the gifts are returned to him - And if they wish to take the property from his possession, they must prove it.) This is achieved by asking the witnesses signed on the document whether he was deathly ill or not.

חברייא זעירייא אמרי אין עדים.

(c) The junior Chevraya members: The witnesses signed on the document cannot testify here.

כלום פליגי אלא על העדים

(d) Question: Why are they not believed?

אמר רבי אחא כיון שאמרתי לכם לכתוב שכיב מרע ולא כתבתם שקרים אתם:

(e) R. Acha: The document owner could say to them, "since I told you to write that I'm deathly ill, and you didn't, you are no longer believed in this matter."