BAVA BASRA 149 - A week of learning has been dedicated towards meriting a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Eliezer Lipa ben Yetta, by Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeld of Yerushalayim.

1) DOUBTFULLY TAMEH IN A FIELD (Yerushalmi Halachah 6 Daf 29a)

א"ר יוחנן ניטמא בספק בקעה בין בימות החמה בין בימות הגשמים מחלוקת רבי מאיר וחכמים.

(a) R. Yochanan: If a person became doubtfully tameh - if in a field, whether in the summer (when it is not sown ground and people walk freely there like a public domain) or in the winter (when it is sown and people do not walk there, giving it the status of a private domain), it is a dispute between R. Meir and Rabbanan.

בא לישאל בימות החמה נשאלין לו בימות החמה בימות הגשמים נשאלין לו בימות הגשמים

(b) If he came to ask in the summer, we judge him as if it occurred in the summer. If he came to ask in the winter, we judge him as if it occurred in the winter.

אמר רבי יוחנן ובלבד ימים הסמוכי' לגשמים.

(c) R. Yochanan: As long as he asks soon after the winter.