1) INCLUDING OLIVE TREES AND A CEDAR TREE (Yerushalmi Halachah 8 Daf 14b)

רבי יצחק בר טבליי שאל מכר לו כל האילן וזית שבמקום פלוני כל זיתים שיש שם מכורין.

(a) Question (R. Yitzchak bar Tavlai): If Reuven's field contained many trees including olive trees and he sold Shimon, "all of the trees" and then afterward said that he sold him an olive tree in a certain place...Do we say that he mentioned this to show that he also included this particular olive tree in addition to all of the other olive trees or did he say this to exclude all of the other olive trees? (This question is not answered.)

ר' יודן בי ר' ישמעאל שאל הקונה שלשה כיתי קנים קנה ארז גדול שבארץ ישראל.

(b) Question (R. Yudan bei R. Yishmael): If a person buys three groups of reeds, is it as if he bought three trees and he acquires their land as well, so that even if there was a large cedar tree in the Land of Israel between them, he acquires it, or not? (This question is also not answered.)