1) BUYING A PATH TO THE FIELD (Yerushalmi Halachah 2 Daf 13b)

תמן אמרין אדמון ורבי עקיבה

(a) Yerushalmi in Maseches Kesuvos: Admon and R. Akiva have the same view. (Admon says that if a person returns from overseas to find that his neighbors have taken possession of the access path to his field, he should choose for himself the smallest path. This is similar to R. Akiva who said that if he sold the pit to another buyer, he retains use of the access path.)

אמר ר' לא בסתם חלוקין.

(b) Rejection (R. Ila): (The disagreement between the Chachamim and R. Akiva is not when they specified that he is selling it without the path.) They disagree when he did not specify.

מה נן קיימין אם דבר בריא שיש לו דרך כל עמא מודי שאין צריך ליקח לו דרך אם דבר בריא שאין לו דרך כל עמא מודו שהוא צריך ליקח לו דרך.

1. What is the case? If it was specified that he had sold it to him with a path, all agree that he would not need to pay for another one; if it was specified that he was not selling him a path, all agree that he must now buy one...

אלא כי נן קיימין בסתם רבי עקיבה אומר אינו צריך ליקח לו דרך וחכמים אומרים צריך ליקח לו דרך:

2. Rather, we are dealing with when it was not specified either way - R. Akiva rules that he does not need to buy a path and the Chachamim rule that he does.