1) PEOPLE WHO CANNOT CREATE A CHAZAKAH (Yerushalmi Halachah 5 Daf 10a)

משנה השותפין והאריסין והאפיטרופין אין להן חזקה

(a) (Mishnah): Partners, sharecroppers and guardians cannot create a chazakah (as their presence on the property does not indicate that they acquired it from the owner).

אין לאיש חזקה בניכסי אשתו ולא לאשה בניכסי בעלה ולא לאב בניכסי הבן ולא לבן בניכסי האב

(b) A husband cannot create a chazakah on his wife's property, nor a woman on her husband's property, nor a father on his son's property, nor a son on his father's property.

במה דברים אמורים במחזיק אבל בנותן מתנה והאחין שחלקו והמחזיק בנכסי הגר נעל גדר ופרץ כל שהוא הרי זו חזקה:

(c) When is this the case? When the property is in their possession; but if they received it as a gift, or the brothers divided it, or a person took possession of the property of a convert (who died without inheritors), if he closed the gate, fenced it in or breached the fence in any way, it is a chazakah.

גמרא (שותף) שמואל אמר לית (כן) [כאן] שותף שותף אין לו חזקה.

(d) (Gemara) - Shmuel: Can a partner not make a chazakah?

לא כן אמר שמואל שותף שירד ונטע כנוטע ברשות.

(e) Question: Did Shmuel not say himself that if a partner entered and planted there, it is as if he was given permission (and no chazakah can be made)?

הן דתימר שותף שירד ונטע כנוטע ברשות באותו שעומד שם

(f) Answer: When Shmuel said that, it was when his partner was also working in a different part of the same field. (They would customarily do this for several years, switch over for several years and then switch back again.)

והן דתימר כי שותף אין לו חזקה בשאינו עומד שם.

1. When Shmuel was surprised to hear that a partner cannot make a chazakah, it was when the other partner was not present and allowed him to work alone for three years.

מהו מייתי תחותיה

(g) Question: Which words does Shmuel have in the Mishnah in place of 'partners'?

האומנין והגוזלין אין להן חזקה.

(h) Answer: 'Craftsman (working on the property) and robbers (even if they bring witnesses that the owner allowed them to keep it) cannot make a chazakah.'